An Outreach Testimony

God is the great Intervener!

January 21, 2012

Here at First Christian Church, there is always something new and God-directed going on. Interesting enough, Sister Doris Whitt and the outreach team has remained faithful to the mission
of providing a food service to the community, even after Angel Food closed its operation.

We recently began our journey with One Harvest Foods and we are still working out some of the glitches of the program. In the meantime, God has once again shown up with a ‘crazy’ blessing!! This past Wednesday morning prior to our weekly Bible Study, God allowed a sister church to share some of their Food Bank’s remnants. With their generous donation we were able to assist another ten households.

God has been gracious and the weather has not been as severe as last year this time however, food is more expensive in the winter months and when we can assist families in caring for their household, we provide nourishment and financial relief.

We thank God for our angel of goodness and just think…while we are working to insure One Harvest will run smoothly, God sent us another blessing so that FCC can still keep serving her community with love and compassion! Thanks be to God!

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