August 22nd: “Pray Anyway”

Good Morning FCC Family & Friends:


It has been a while since I have shared with you from my meditations but today is such a day that opens up the sharing!

During this summer season, it is often quite hard to stop what we are doing and ‘pray’. I mean with work, serving as taxi to our children and others, caring for home, church-ing several days a week, social and civic involvements, who really has time to ‘pray’? Most religious people want to offer a prescription for prayer: several times daily and if possible with Bible in hand. There’s just no time to stop work, stop recreation, stop socializing or to stop eating and pray. Why can’t there be an alternative? Well my friend, there is! The alternative…pray anyway!

You see there will never be time to stop and pray. We must TAKE the time to pray. Why? Because:


Prayer builds Character,

Prayer is evidence of Hope,

We are built for Prayer,

Prayer changes things…and us too,

When Prayer is offered, God is listening,

Prayer is one of our most powerful weapons.

James 5:16 (The Voice) says: So own up to your sins to one another and pray for one another. In the end, you may be healed. Your prayers are powerful when they are rooted in a righteous life.

When I am tempted to get out of bed and begin the day in a mad dash, I try to quiet myself in the chair next to my window. As I overlook the city of Greensboro starting another busy, mad dash to get ahead in life or for some, to just exist another day…I ask God; slow me down, help me to breathe deeply and not begin this day in a rush. I force myself to sit quietly for just a few minutes and what begins to happen is amazing. My day begins to unfold in an orderly manner. When I get  up from my chair, I am focused, alert and ready to begin my day.

Yes, things often happen throughout the day that are unexpected but it was in those few morning moments when I stopped and let God know…a good relationship with Him was more important than anything else I would do today that set the course of my day and someway, somehow, God ordering my steps was more powerful than the mad dash occurring around me. And you know what else? Those few morning moments constituted prayer! Prayer did not last one hour, only a few moments. How powerful is that? Just a few moments in God’s presence sets the day right!

I encourage you to begin…or continue.



Today, I pray for FCC Family & Friends that our day will unfold as a prayerful meditation on our relationship with you. God of light, light up our day with love and joy! Cause us to want to draw near to you…you are waiting on us but you will not wait forever! Help us to seek you while you may be found, and call upon you while you will answer. Accept our thanksgiving and praise for your best gift, Jesus Christ! Amen.

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