November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Grace and Peace FCC Family:

What a beautiful day we have experienced! For the last week, we have had wonderful temperatures; not too cool, not too hot. This means, we have not had to burn heat… Hallelujah! These days, I am grateful for every blessing, no matter how small it seems!

What an awesome 36th Choir Anniversary for the Youth of FCC. We had full participation from our young people and the youth leaders. It was impressive to see the Youth Sunday School lesson about the Job experience incorporated into the morning worship. The musical selections were very timely, especially “Smile.” The message of that song is so appropriate for our young people because of the daunting nature of life and its ability to rob of us our smile! I encourage you young people to find something worthwhile to smile about everyday…it will make you feel so much better! Thank you to all who made this anniversary possible and may God continue to bless you! I hope someone has pictures!

I am sharing pictures with you (see above) from the Pastoral Installation of Rev. Robert Coleman (Rev. Mary Coleman, wife), as he takes the helm of our sister church,  Middlefork Christian Church, Winston-Salem, NC. This was a high day for Middlefork and I count it an honor to have been a part of the ministry.  On that afternoon, I had on my Associate Regional Minister’s hat and was the installer. Let us keep our sister church in prayer because God is raising them up in a new and wonderful way! Thank you to Sister Doris Whitt, Board Chairperson and Chief Elder Richard Miller who shared in this wonderful service with us!

Recently, the CWF of FCC had 23 women and young ladies present for their November meeting. The focus was on a lesson out of the DIVAS study booklet (a study produced by Sister Mildred Preston, Interim Treasurer of the PDC and others). Sister Preston-Mt. Olive East, Martinsville, VA,  attended the gathering along with Rev. Kathy Thomas-FCC, Stuart, VA, Rev. Sheila Thomas-FCC, Stuart, Sister Dianne Price-New Bethel, Fieldale, VA, Rev. Ernestine Penn-House of Praise, and Sister Wanona Redd-President, PDC CWF. Our refreshments were lovingly prepared for us by Sister Joann Washington of Middlefork CC, Winston-Salem, NC. Thanks to Trustee Jane Poteat for portraying the St. Luke 13 Woman and Sister Redd for portraying the church sister who never did anything wrong! And we have no pictures…that’s right, we could not have this meeting on film because Aretha Franklin showed up (smile)!!!

Right in line with Women’s Ministries, the PDC CWF will host their Christmas Luncheon with Rev. Dr. Penny Ziemer on Saturday, December 3rd. I am encouraging some of our women of FCC to attend this event. We had a wonderful time on last year with Elder Hattie Lofton.

FCC CMF is alive and well!! They had a potluck at the home of Brother Holt on November 19th and it was a huge success with 18 men in attendance. We have already seen a difference in the movement of our men and we ask that each of us would embrace, pray for, and encourage each one of the Priests of FCC. The word of God records that men stand as Priests in the home and in the gate (public places where their strength of character and compassion is needed). I am proud that FCC Priests are on the move! I think they have something special brewing for us on the second Sunday in December. Stay tuned!!!

In an effort for us to flow smoothly in the month of December, the Worship Committee has set the following schedule for music ministry: 1st Sunday-Praise Team; 2nd Sunday-Male Chorus; 3rd Sunday-Senior/Gospel Choir; 4th Saturday-Selected Ensemble for Christmas Service.

The Budget Committee will meet on Wednesday, November 30th at 3:30 pm. All budget requests not already in are now past due but because we love you, we will take them until Tuesday, November 29th. We ask that you work with us so that we may have a well-rounded budget.


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